EQASCOM  is a  telescope driver that provides the astronomical 'brains' of the mount control system. It provides functions such as:
  • Control of the mount using any ASCOM compliant planetarium software or client application
  • Gotos/Slew at 0.144 resolution (depending on planetarium database accuracy and mount type) 
  • Slew Speeds variable between x1 to x800 of the sidereal rate.
  • Spiral Search
  • SYNC via ASCOM / Planetarium Software
  • Enhanced positioning accuracy via 1-Star Alignment/ N-Star Multi-Point Telescope Mount Error Modelling
  • Gamepad / Joystick support for telescope control.
  • GPS Support for time and location synchronization
  • Variable  Speed Periodic Error Correction (VS-PEC)
  • Mount collision limit protection
  • Park & Unpark
  • Sidereal, Sidereal+PEC, Lunar, Solar & Custom (DEC and RA)  tracking rates.
  • Pulseguiding - an alternative to ST4 that requires no extra cable
  • Independent settings for RA and DEC Autoguider speeds
  • Multi-lingual User Interface
EQASCOM provides an ASCOM server interface through which many popular Planetarium and Guiding applications are able to control the mount. EQASCOM is not run as a stand alone application but will be started automatically upon request by an ASCOM client. EQASCOM can simultaneously support multiple ASCOM clients and  will terminate itself when the last client closes.

EQASCOM incorporates an interface that allows users to manually control the mount using either a joystick, gamepad , numeric keypad or mouse.
By using freely available software it is even possible to us a Wii controlller!

The most popular option is to use a wireless gamepad  Default gampad assignments are shown below:

EQASCOM provides flexible configuration to allow diffrent mount functions (Slew, Park, Unpuark, Track, Spiral etc.) to be assigned to the various gamepad buttons.

EQASCOM is designed such that mount specific control functions (such as low level communications) are provided by a separate dll. Using this structure it is possible to support a range of different mount types by supplying different dlls. Currently only a single dll option is provided and this for Synta EQ types. As Synta have yet to make their communications protocol 'open' the associated dll is not currently available as open source.

EQASCOM provides multi-lingual support by the use of language dlls. Currently French, Spanish and Dutch dlls are installed as part of the standard installation. It is relatively easy to add new translations and a template project for a language dll is provded as part of the source code distribution.

Driver Installation

Prior to installing EQASCOM iteslf, make sure you have the ASCOM Platform installed on your PC: ( http://ascom-standards.org)

The latest version of EQASCOM is supplied as a self installing executable and will automatically register itself with windows and ASCOM. Source code is also included as part of the distribution and may be optionally installed - You do not need the source code to use EQASCOM.

When you run you ASCOM complient planetarium software you should now see "EQMOD ASCOM Simulator" and "EQMOD ASCOM EQ5/6" appear in the list of avilable telescopes. When connecting to either of these "scope" types the EQASCOM user interface will appear. Please note that EQASCOM is not a stand alone application and is only ever initiated upon request from an ASCOM client application.

If you have problems getting the EQASCOM software installed and/or recognised by ASCOM please refer to the wiki for further advice.