The EQMOD Project encourages the development of free and opensource software as we believe this provides the best basis for the Project to continue to develop. Whilst the vast majority of EQMOD software therefore comes under the umbrella of opensource, developers retain the right to withhold source if they think it appropriate to protect their interests. All EQMOD Project deliverables, open source or not, may be freely distributed.

Mount Control dll
The software structure is such that the low level communications to the mount are enacpsulated within a dll which provides a genric API for mount control. The interfaces provided by the dll form a published part of the EQMOD project. By using this structure dfferent mount types can be supported by a common ASCOM driver simply by providing different dlls.

Currently the Synta EQ mount protocol has not been published by Synta and accordingly the EQMOD eqcontrl.dll that provides support for those mounts is not opensource.