EQTOUR is a lightweight, small footprint application for goto control of ASCOM compatible mounts. EQTOUR installs the following predefined Tour Lists:
In addition to the predefined object lists EQTOUR also allows uses to create their own custom lists of objects and can also be used as a “bookmarking” facility during an observing sessions alowing precise mount positions to be revisited. 


Setup options


On start-up EQTOUR automatically scans its install directory and populates a drop down list of available Tours. Each Tour simply consists of a list of sky objects. Several samples have been included as part of the installation zip - these have not been fully verified as to accuracy but should give a fair selection of Northern and Southern hemisphere objects. The MyTour.lst file is provided as an empty tour which effectively replaces the bookmark feature of earlier EQ_TOUR versions ) See below for adding Object entries).

The current Tour can be selected via a drop down list and on change EQTOUR will generate a list of objects in the Tour definition that are currently above the horizon. Note that object list can only be populated once an ASCOM connection has been established (via the Connect button) as the application must read Local Sidereal Time and Observing Site coordinates from the scope driver in order to determine which objects are visible.

The list of currently visible is not dynamically updated but can be refreshed at any time by hitting the "refresh" button.

The Horizon Altitude limit can be adjusted via a slider control. This feature allows the currently selected tour to be filtered by altitude – very useful finding which objects are currently around zenith (and therefore ripe for imaging) or for excluding objects in the murk of the true horizon.


Clicking on a Tour Object Item will result in the "Object Position" settings being changed to those associated with the object. Double clicking will slew the scope to the object position. If an object has passed below the horizon its coordinates will be displayed in RED and slews will be disabled.

Right clicking on an object will expand/decrease the sizes of the list window.


The current Tour can be appended with a new entry corresponding to the current scope position by simply pressing the "Add" button. The user is prompted to add a description and once the return key is pressed the list will be refreshed and the new entry should appear. If an empty description is entered then the process is aborted.

Objects are removed from the current list by first selecting them then pressing the "Delete" button.


Tour definitions are stored in text files (*.lst) located in the same directory as EQTOUR.exe These files can be freely edited (in notepad for example) to add new entries. The format is as follows :– If you don't require all of the sample Tour files either delete them, rename them *.sav, or move them to another directory. Note that the program needs lists at least one list file provide any useful functionality!



Source and Executable only distributions of the latest stable release of EQTOUR are available for download at: The EQMOD Sourceforge Project