EQASCOM is provided with a self installer program which will place all necessary files on your PC and provide the necessary registration of EQASCOM with windows (eqascom is a COM server) and the ASCOM platform. For most folks the installer will do everything that is required - the following information is provided simply so folks are aware of what files are installed, where, and what they do.

The driver itself is called eqmod.exe, the simulator edmod_sim.exe. Although they have a .exe extension these "executables" are not intended to be run 'stand alone' but rather are automatically started by the ASCOM platform whenever EQASCOM driver is selected by a client application.

Associated with the executables are support files, dlls, which provide translation into different languages. EQMODFR.dll (French), EQMODES.dll (Spanish) and EQMODNL.dll (Dutch). If the language dlls are not present EQASCOM will always run in English.

There are also three sample wav files that EQASCOM can play to warn of alarm conditions or function execution.

The  .exe, .dll and .wav  files are installed into
\Program Files\Common Files\ASCOM\Telescope

If you opt to install source code then it will be placed in  
\Program Files\Common Files\ASCOM\Telescope\Source\EQMOD\EQASCOM

The EQMOD manual and release notes are placed in the \Program Files\EQMOD directory

All user settings for EQMOD applications are stored using text files with a .ini extension. The are stored in the "application data" directory - each user has their own application data so different users can have different settings. To find the application data location type %appdata%\eqmod into the explorer address bar (makes sure you can see hidden files). For the simulator type

The ini files are created when EQASCOM or the simulator first run. You can delete them and they will be replaced with new ones containing default values. Some "advanced" features or ongoing development may require manual editing of the ini files.