The documents below provide supplemental information to that presented in the EQMOD wiki.

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General PC control options for Synta Mounts (pdf)
EQASCOM Ascom compliancy statement (pdf)
User Images and Guiding tests
Setup Quick Start Guide (pdf)

Setting the Mount Home Position (pdf)
Alternate method for setting Home Position (pdf)
Polar Scope Alignment Tool (pdf)
EQASCOM Alignment (pdf)
EQASCOM Mount Limits (pdf)
EQASCOM Movement Strategies (pdf)
Drift Meter Instructions (pdf)
Guiding Guiding (pdf)
PEC VS-PEC Overview and Workflow (pdf)
PECPrep User guide (pdf)
Periodic Error Correction through Variable Track Speed Adjustment
Developer EQASCOM architecture
EQASCOM Stepper Encoders to RA/DEC/ALT/AZ Conversion
EQContrl.DLL Developer's Guide Version 1.0
3-Point Alignment
EQASCOM Language Translation (pdf)
The following documents contain the presentation materials used for a  5 hour hands-on EQMOD workshop prepared and presented by Todd Benko.
Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: GPS
Part 3: Controlling the Mount
Part 4: Alignment
Part 5: Guiding
Video Tutorials
EQMOD YouTube Playlist
How can I contribute to the EQMOD Project?
What options are there for PC control of my Synta Mount?
What ASCOM interfaces does EQASCOM support?
Is EQASCOM a fully ASCOM Compliant Driver?
What are the benefits of using EQASCOM?
Is PC-Direct an alternative to using an EQDirect?
How do I make my own EQDirect?
Where can I buy an EQdirect?
Can EQASCOM be used on other mount types?
What files are installed and where are the placed?
How do I re-assign my COM Port?
How do I set the mount home position?
What is LST?
How does EQASCOM interface with a GPS?
How do I set the SynScan GPS to NMEA mode?
How do I use EQASCOM's Polar Scope Alignment tool?
How do I set Mount Limits?
Does EQASCOM handle Meridian Flips?
Why is my mount moving one axis at a time?
What are the Numeric Keypad assignments?
How do I change the RA/DEC slew rate?
Satellite Tracking
Starry Night Pro
Hallo Northern Sky
Stellarium  (IceInSpace How-To guide)
EQASCOM & Alignmaster
How do I set Maxim for pulse-guide control?
How do I record PEC?
How can I run ASCOM/EQASCOM under Linux
Runtime Errors
What is the EPOCH setup parameter used for?
I don't get on with game controllers, are there any other options for mount controllers?
How do I migrate my EQASCOM settings to another computer?
Sample Projects and Scripts for Developers and Integrators
Below are examples of how ASCOM and proprietary interfaces of EQASCOM might be scripted by client programs to enable customised automation to the mount.
VB.Net ASCOM Client Demo (VB6)
ASCOM Client Demo (VB.Net 2005)
AzPollerDotNet (VB.Net 2008) .Net version of AzPoller (see below)
VB6 ASCOM Pulse Guide Demo (VB6) 
AzPoller  (VB6)  - Polls ASCOM Telescope Driver for AZ, RA and DEC and outputs a string to a serial port. Used for dome control
ASCOM Park Timer (VB6) - Parks the mount after elapsed time.
VB Script CCD Drift Align (VBS) - Use in conjuction with long exposure camera to capture alignment error
Read Mount Version (VBS) 
Read Stepper Encoders (VBS)
Read Site Location (VBS)