Computation for Meridian flips is kind of tricky as you need to keep track of the final position of the scope right after a goto command. EQASCOM does this by computing the final stepper encoder values before a goto command is executed. It then determines if a flip is required based on the computed position. In this way a goto should always result in the mount assuming the correct position (counterweights down).

For tracking the mount can track past the meridian provided limits have been set to allow this. Alternatively it is possible to have EQASCOM perform an automatic flip when the mount reaches a meridian limit. Automatic flips can result in cable snags or balance shifts that can cause equipment to work loose. As a result the meridian flip feature has first to be enabled from the EQASCOM screen and set active from the Limits configuration screen. Prior to a flip being initiated a warning sound is issued (provided sounds are enabled).

With EQASCOM V1.23i it is possible to pre-flip the mount ao that it moves to a counterweights up position - this is achived by selecting the "flipped goto" option from the display screen that shows the current encoder position dials. How the mount moves to this position will depend on whether limits are active - see "EQASCOM Movements Strategies"

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