Slewing Functions via numeric keypad (USB Keypad, or Keyboard Keypad). The keypad functions is only attached to the 'SLEWPAD' window. Just select the slewpad window and all keypress commands will be recognized. 

You can now also slew 'diagonally' using the keypad:

Button 7: Slew North West
Button 8: Slew North
Button 9: Slew North East
Button 4: Slew West
Button 6: Slew West
Button 1: Slew SouthWest
Button 2: Slew South
Button 3: Slew SouthEast
Left Arrow : Slew West
Right Arrow : Slew East
Up Arrow: Slew North
Down Arrow: Slew South
Button 5: EMERGENCY STOP/Disable Tracking
Button 0: Activate Sidreal Tracking
Button +: increase rate preset
Button -: Decrease rate preset
Butoon *: Spiral search
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