Runtime Error Causes:
Runtime Errors are most likely caused by a file access error. EQASCOM uses files to store its configuration - sometime if your Laptop or PC craches/resets these files can become locked or corrupted.

Typical Runtime Error codes and their meanings:
52    Bad file name or number
53    File not found
54    Bad file mode
55    File already open
57    Device I/O error
58    File already exists
59    Bad record length
61    Disk full
62    Input past end of file
63    Bad record number
67    Too many files
68    Device unavailable
70    Permission denied
71    Disk not ready
75    Path/File access error
76    Path not found

Resolving Runtime Errors:
Use the toolbox application that installs with EQASCOM to delete your curent ini files. New files will then be created, with defaults assigned, when EQASCOM next runs. Alternatively if you have made a previous backup you can restore your saved ini files using the toolbox application. Please note EQASCOM uses three separate ini files - onf for general configuration (eqmod.ini), one for gapemad setup (joystick.ini) and one for alignment data (align.ini)