Activation Sequence:

1) Execute Planetarium Software and Connect EQMOD
2) Execute EQMODLX and connect EQMOD, re activate Sidreal tracking
3) Execute the HWVSP Virtual Serial port emulator with the proper settings. Port 999, choose an unused COM port name, etc.
4) Execute the Satellite Tracker program and connect the emulated COM port (USE ONLY LX200GPS in POLAR MODE)

5) Load TLE file on Satellite Tracker Program
6) Select Satellite that is visible and above the horizon
7) Choose "Continuous" tracking
8) Click the Start Tracking button

at this point EQMOD will execute an initial GOTO slew to the location of the satellite

* If Slew is LONG, sometimes the satellite tracker will generate an error message indicating a slow slew rate. Just ignore the
message and re-execute tracking by clicking on the Start Tracking button.

Once the scope is pointed directly at the satellite, Tracker will attempt to put the mount into custom tracking mode. You will hear both stepper motors (RA/DEC) rotating at a specified rate dictated by the Satellite Tracker (specified in degrees/second).

Important: You need to confirm the values of the RA/DEC coordinates displayed on the EQMOD driver to be almost equal to the RA/DEC coordinates of the Satellite as displayed on the Sat Track program.

The planetarium program will display realtime the location of where the scope is pointed.

* It is always possible that you may not be able to put the satellite on your scope's FOV due to the following reasons:

- OLD TLE Data, Invalid PC Date/Time
- LAT/LON Settings not properly set, best to use a GPS for this.
- Mount not synced to nearby stars (since we are not using any 2 star, or N-star alignment yet, it is very important that you implement a SYNC command on any of the stars along the satellite's path.

The Satellite tracker program has a feedback mechanism that regularly checks the EQMOD driver's RA/DEC values. If there is a discrepancy, it will attempt to correct it realtime by sending a series of rate change commands and LX200 Scope move commands.

Just one important Advise:

The Satellite Tracker puts your mount into a continuous tracking state, make sure you have all possible means to stop your mount from tracking in conditions wherein the Satellite tracker stalls. As is, the satellite tracker program has a slew limit protection, it will automatically stop the mount from the custom tracking state once
it detects the position of the scope near the horizon. Do not attempt to disconnect the Satellite tracker program without clicking on the "Stop Tracking" button.

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