Startup Procedure for EQMOD Starry Night Pro 5

1. Start Starry Night Pro (SNP)
2. Click the Telescope tab
3. Click [Connect]
    a. The EQASCOM interface will appear
4. Connect to Scope
    a. Connect to
5. Make sure scope is at home position, pointing approximately at Polaris
    a. Click [Reset Align Data]
    b. Click [Reset sync data]
7. Switch to SNP
8. Select target for alignment
9. Slew to target
    a. Right click on star and choose slew
    b. Let the scope slew to the star
10. Center the star in the finder using either the EQASCOM [N] [S] [E] [W] slew buttons or gamepad
11. In SNP Right click on the star and choose sync.

At this point, everything will be operational. Repeat 8-11 to add further alignment points if required.

The correct method to issue a sync to EQASCOM is via a right click on an object in SNP and select Sync form the popup menu. The Sync Gaze button (left hand frame) does not appear to work well.

Windows 7 users:
If you expereince problems with SNP launching EQASCOM and receive an error message along the lines of "Ascom Telescope Plug-In...Failed to create or open the plug in's registry area" then make sure SNP has been set to run as administrator.
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