TheSky ASCOM Plugin
This plugin allows Software Bisque's TheSky to communicate with ASCOM-compliant telescopes via TheSky's "TeleAPI" feature.

1 Rename the existing file that comes with TheSky to TeleAPI-Original.dll

C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\TeleAPI.dll

2 Copy the ASCOM TeleAPI.dll to C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\TeleAPI.dll

1. Download and run the latest version of EQASCOM self installer

Unfortunately there is an inherent problem with the way the TheSky access ASCOM drivers and this usually results in an error message: "failed to load driver: object required". This is a known problem with the  TheSky software but there is a fix for it as follows:

1. In windows select START/Run and type DCOMCNFG
2. Click + sign next to Component Services
3. Double click Component Services
4. Double click Computers
5. Double click My Computer
6. Double click DCOM Config, may get a message or messages if you want
to record something....keep clicking no to bypass these messages.
7. Select "ASCOM Scope Driver Template" and right click
Select "Properties"
8. Change the Authentication Level from "Default" to "None", click
Apply, Click OK

There may be two entries in the DCOM List - one for EQASCOM and one for the EQASCOM simulator. Both need the authentication level to be changed. Also you may also find entries for EQMOD.persist and EQMOD_SIM.persist. If present change the authentication level of these as well.

If for some reason neither the ASCOM scaope Driiver Template, EQMOD.persist and EQMOD_SIM.persist don't appear in the DCOM list then go back to step 4 and right click on "My Computer". Select properties and then slect the "default properties" tab of the form that appears. Then from the "Default Authentification Level" dropdown chose a setting of none befor hitting the apply button.

9. Close "Component Services" window.

TheSky  Telescope Setup
1 In TheSky, Telescope menu, select Setup...
2 In the Control System box, select "Telescope API"
3 Click Settings... to open the ASCOM Telescope Chooser and select the EQMOD from the list.

If all is well, a window opens named: "EQMOD ASCOM Setup".

For EQMOD Port Details, select Port Number, Baud Rate, Timeout and number of Retries.

For Site Information select same settings of Latitude, Longitude, Elevation and Hemisphere as those used in TheSky. Click OK.

In TheSky select Telescope/Link/Establish

The "EQMOD ASCOM DRIVER" window will open.

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