Comparing with the SYNSCAN manual and using its headings/sections as a guide here are the features where we believe EQMOD offers an improvement.

User interface:
gamepad supported - button functions totally configurable.
User configerable sound for command feedback - i.e speech if desired.

Initial Setup:
Time/timezone/daylight savings etc taken From PC, corrected by GPS
Observing site - can store 10 preset locations.
Supports a wide range of GPS for automatic location and time sync

Star Alignment.
No restriction on alignment star selection. You can align on ANY star in the sky, you are not set to a limited number of stars in a small list, you can choose a 15th magnitude star if you want, although not recommended :)

N-Point model.
Pointing models can be saved and restored for those with permanent mounts.
Pointing model can be refined by via sync to add new points.

Goto accuracy improved by pointing model and iterative gotos.
Limit protection for user defined Horizon

User definable slew rates on RA and DEC any where from 0.1x to 800x sidereal
User definable preset rates (10 max).
Spiral search

Object Database:
Only restricted by the ASCOM client you're using
Tour user definable tours. show objects above horizon or any other
declination you choose
No restriction on the number of user objects.

Park Scope:
Park on horizon limits or RA limits
Unpark to predefined position.

PEC Training:
Variable speed PEC rather than fixed speed.
Ability to load and save multiple PEC traces
Visualisation of worm phase and likely PE even when PEC not engaged.

PEC, if enabled, is integral part of Sidereal rate not a separate rate.
Custom RA and DEC rates supported
Limit protection for user defined Horizon and RA limits

Pulseguide support, Visualisation of guiding corrections/performance,
Close integration with PEC.