Specific product documentation may be included with the product install. For further documentation, FAQs and links to online video tutorials see the "Documentation and FAQs" page of this website.

EQMOD software is now well established and has a wide user base and knowledge base. Downloads run consistently at over 1000 per month. EQMOD Project Members and experienced users have built an excellent reputation for their willingness to help others and are 
active across a wide range of astronomy groups, societies and online forums.

Please consider joining the EQMOD Yahoo Group. This group alone has over 5000 members worldwide and exists for the primary purpose of assisting new users and discussing new develpments. Other benefits of group membership are:
  • Access to the latest Beta Releases of the EQMOD products.
  • Additional beta documentation.
  • Databases of compatible hardware
  • Talk direct with the developers, suggest new features etc.
The EQMOD developers recommend the Yahoo group as the prefered potal for EQMOD support but there are other support routes available for those without Yahoo Group membership. The EQMOD project is hosted by sourceforge. and can be accessed here:

Click here to join EQMOD